The BELA Foundation has been established based on the following beliefs. FIRSTLY, Europe has to enhance its role and influence in the world. SECONDLY, the emerging generation of Europeans will face an unprecedented challenge if it is to maintain and creatively develop the legacy of a united, freedom oriented and democratically governed continent. THIRDLY, closer interaction between talented and ambitious Europeans is key for the future success of the Union. FINALLY, the historic enlargement of the European Union to include 12 Eastern and Southern European states in the years 2004-2007 still needs to be translated into stronger bonds between the peoples of the old and the new member states.

The BELA Foundation intends to bring together future leaders of Europe and enhance their active public engagement. The Foundation will help to broaden understanding of the different interests and values within the European Union. It will also contribute to better communication and co-operation between the next generation of leaders, to enable them to set common goals and work towards the realization of common aspirations.